June 20, 2017

Hello everyone and thanks for checking in.  The last couple of years since my last news post has been very fulfilling.  I spend a good part of last year touring with M. Ward which was really fun and exciting.  I've also been so fortunate to work with many talented artists in the studio over past couple of years such as Alejandro Escovedo, Ural Thomas & The Pain, Herman Dune, Esme Patterson, Blind Pilot, Filthy Friends, Liz Stringer, Big Bridges, Neyla Pekarek (Lumineers), Sallie Ford, and Red Yarn.  I'm also working on a fiction project that I'm hoping to finish up in the next year or so.  It's taking a lot longer than I had hoped!  And, I've been working with my good friend Rob Jones at Jealous Butcher records with a vinyl limited release series called "Series 33" ~ the concept is; only 33 copies pressed, 33 RPM (of course) and they're $33 each.  You know, limited editions.  Head over to the Jealous Butcher site to check out what's all been released.  One is the series is my old band Norfolk & Western's 2001 release "Centralia" which was never released on vinyl.  They're sold out but I have a few left and if you've come this far and you'd like one, let me know and if have any remaining we can get you one.  Okay, thanks again as always for your interest and hope to see you or hear from you soon.  

July 29, 2015

Hello Friends.  2015 has been full of fulfilling endeavors to be sure.  In the last few months I worked with M. Ward finishing up his forthcoming record.  I'll be finishing the Ural Thomas & The Pain record in just a couple of weeks and I'm currently in the midst of working with a great songwriter from Melbourne, Australia named Liz stringer.  I also just started working on the new Blind Pilot record and we'll be continuing recording throughout the summer.  In September I'll be mixing the Peter Buck / Corin Tucker collaboration which we recorded last year.  This year I've been fortunate enough to see some fantastic releases I have worked on by artists such as Eyelids, Martha Scanlon, Heather Broderick, Ben Mason, Von Trapps, Peter Hurteau, and Earnest Lovers.  My musical outfit, Alialujah Choir also did a short run of shows with Neko Case in March which was truly a pleasure.  We also played the Sasquatch music festival and have one more show on the books this year appearing at the Musicfest Northwest festival August 21st.  Hope to see you soon sometime, and as always, thanks for reading.


February 3, 2015

Yes, it's been nearly a year since the last post.  I'll try not to make a habit of waiting so long this year.  Let see, since the last post, I've been spending a lot of time in the studio working with all sorts of folks including Ural Thomas & The Pain, Josh Rouse, The Von Trapps, Martha Scanlon, Eyelids, Peter Buck & Corin Tucker, Barna Howard, and many more.  Also, my band Alialujah Choir will be releasing a new record this month entitled "Big Picture Show".  We'll be performing a release show inaugurating The Revolution Hall, a beautiful new venue in SE Portland.  The show is on Feb. 12 for those of you in Portland.  And... the following week I'll be performing a reading with live musical score on back to back nights.  Friday, Feb. 20th I'll be reading at Beacon Sound on N. Mississippi Ave. and again on Feb. 21st at the Sou'wester in Seaview, WA.  The Sou'wester is one of my favorite places in the world so for those of you who haven't been there, I highly recommend looking into it. Both shows will feature live accompanying musical score by Peter Broderick, Raul Pastor Medal, Cory Gray, and John Askew.  We did performed a story last summer at Revival Drums and it was a great experience so we decided to keep the band alive.  I hope you can make it to any of these events, I'd love to see you out there.  As always, thanks for reading.  

Feb. 12- Alialujah Choir @ Revolution Hall, Portland, OR-  9pm
Feb. 20- Short Story reading from the collection "Leaving" with live musical score @ Beacon Sound, Portland, OR- 7pm
Feb. 21- Short Story reading from the collection "Leaving" with live musical score @ Sou'wester, Seaview ,WA- 8pm


April 26, 2014

Well, this being my first post for the site and not wanting an inauspicious start, I'll try and keep this concise and noteworthy.  I'd like you to come back after all...  First, I recently returned from Australia where I was promoting the Aussie release of my graphic novel, Ami, Go Home.  I was on tour opening for my good friend Darren Hanlon.   For my show, I read from the book and utilized sound design.  I projected pages from the book on a screen and used sampled voices for the characters other than myself.  Have I lost you  yet?  It's a bit difficult to explain, I know but when the book comes out in the U.S. I'll be performing shows here to promote it as well and hopefully you'd like to attend.  Of course, I'll keep you posted.  Also of note, my band Alialujah Choir has finished recording our second LP and I'm currently spending many hours, day and night, spinning knobs and dials working on the mixes.  I'm really excited about it.  Release details are still emerging.  In other studio news, I recently was involved in recording many fine bands and musicians for a Townes Van Zandt covers compilation put together by a couple of good friends of mine.  It was a whirlwind, revolving door kind of project.  Each band had under two hours to record their songs.  We had some great musicians come in; Sallie Ford, Minus 5, Quiet Life (Jim James came in and played a bass solo on that one), Michael Hurly, Hook & Anchor, Jolie Holland, Blind Pilot, and many more. The project will be benefiting the Jeremy Wilson Foundation and will come out sometime this year.  I suppose that's enough news for now.  I'll certainly try and update this regularly, and thanks for taking the time.  I truly appreciate it.